Bournemouth Gay History Project.


It is a very sad fact that there are no images and scant information on the gay history of Bournemouth. If you can help add to our gay history project with information or even better some pictures that would be great.

So as far as is known the first gay place in Bournemouth was a 'Gentleman's Bar' the Norfolk at the Norfolk Hotel Richmond Hill. 1920's 1930's ?

Then around 1975 there was the first gay night club 'The White Rabbit' We believe this was in Poole Hill. Then came Gi Gi s at 29 to 30  the Triangle

Then around 1980 there was the Cabaret Club in Holdenhurst Road. Queens Bar and Dukes in Queens Road Westbourne. This is now the Co Op.

Briefly there was also Adams in Glen Fernis and Oz Holdenhurst Road. 'Mothers' in Old Christchurch Road.


Please help us add to this information. We would love to hear from you.